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Association Of Animal Artists Annual Art Competition 2018

Every year the Association of Animal Artists hold an Art Competition which is open to members only. All artwork is displayed at our Spring Exhibition, which is held at Castle Park Arts Centre in Frodsham.

It is a great opportunity for members to see their work alongside fellow artists, who’s abilities, experience, subject matter and style vary so much.

The AAA also award the Inaugural Chairmans Award. Sponsored by Anne Corless, founder and Inaugural Chair of the AAA, it is designed to reward members that go the extra mile in pursuit of their artistic career, through their work with animals, supporting other artists in their chosen field, or simply through their determination and willingness to make mistakes and develop their own practice in order to improve.

This year (2018) we took entries alongside our Art Competition and Exhibition entries.

Next year we will be opening entries for this award earlier in order to fully support the members in their preparation for all our activities. As we believe this award holds great accolade and can be a catalyst to great things and recognition amongst peers and professional bodies, we will be launching the Award Entries from November this year (2018).

Watch this space!

For information about previous winners of the Inaugural Chairmans Award see below.

Association of Animal Artists Annual Art Competition Winners 2018

  • Winner of Fragile World Category 'Busy Bee' by Shane Wiseman



The winner of the Association of Animal Artists Inaugural Chairman’s Award 2018 is Christina Hopkinson.

Christina is following her dream of working as a professional artist and is well on her way to enjoying a successful career as she moves forward, taking on new challenges and showcasing her artwork to new audiences.  Alongside her busy working schedule, Christina also freely gives her time and energy to help support other animal artists and animal charities.  Members of the Association of Animal Artists benefit from her efforts as PR/ Media Trustee, a role in which she ably and creatively tackles the previously unfamiliar world of media and technology.  Animal charities benefit from her focused support as she seeks to highlight issues of animal welfare and conservation on behalf of the Association and as an individual artist.

Her social media posts, in turn both educate and enchant us.  She cleverly juxtaposes very real animal welfare issues in between fun and educational news and public interest items.  Christina writes:
“I believe that, in a world where we hear so much bad news, many of our followers would want to look at our posts and smile.”

In her own art career, Christina has experience of exhibiting in solo and group exhibitions and has had notable success.  Building on her art education, she continually strives to develop her artistic skills, honestly reviewing her own progress, exploring art materials and techniques, and attending workshops.  Christina predominately paints birds, and such is her empathy for her favourite subject that she now only creates artwork of native bird species she has observed in their natural surroundings. Working from life gives her knowledge of the habitats that often feature so beautifully in her artwork. Aware of the competitive world that artists work in Christina writes:

“Looking at the work of other artists can be overwhelming because there are some amazing artists out there, but I have learnt not to compare myself with them, because that is futile. I have learnt that whatever you do, you have to be yourself in the end. You just have to aim to be the best that you can be.”

The judges applaud Christine’ ethos, her artistic process and successes.  It is hoped that the Inaugural Chairman’s Award will help promote the genre of animal art.  Congratulations Christina!

Anne Corless Inaugural Chairperson 

The winner of the Association of Animal Artists Inaugural Chairman’s Award 2017 was Ruth Buchanan. Looking at the creative practice of another artist is always interesting but in the case of Ruth Buchanan it is fascinating to see how a successful artist, who does so much to promote the genre of animal art, retains a strong desire to continually hone her skills.

Ruth strives to find more each time she creates a piece of art and like many successful artists the key to success appears to be the need to be creative, the determination to ensure her artistic knowledge and practice continue to develop and the desire to find a narrative for each piece she creates.  For many this level of commitment to the artwork would be a singular focus with very little room for anything else.  Ruth’s ability to run all the necessary aspects of a successful business as an artist, whilst still finding time to get involved in and even organise charitable events which benefit both the animals she loves and often the people that interact with them, is remarkable. She has faced challenges in her career and found ways of making things work for her.  A radio interview on her website reveals her deep love and joy of the subjects of her artwork, particularly of the horse.  That same emotion is tangible when watching the development of a composition, seeing the drawings made from life or watching the development of a painting that Ruth so generously allows us to view on her website and on social media.  Ruth’s confidence in her artistic process is such that she willingly shares every step of the way and even invites interaction from those following her.  Seeing this level of creativity, skill, emotion and honesty in her art, in the genre of animal art must surely inspire many.

The judges hope that the Inaugural Chairman’s Award will help promote the genre of animal art and believe Ruth Buchanan a worthy winner.  Congratulations Ruth!

Anne Corless Inaugural Chairperson


2014 winner: Anita Young

2015 winner: Jenny Oldknow

2016 winner: Pollyanna Pickering

2017 winner: Ruth Buchanan