‘AAA Artists create Art with a Purpose’

A few words to celebrate what makes AAA so special.

“We are unique in that, not only do we welcome work of ANY animal, be it mammal, bird, reptile, fish or even insect, but, importantly, we also include the domestic animals we share our lives with, such as dogs, cats, horses and farm animals.

We are unique in that we encourage many sub-genres of animal art. Yes, wildlife art
has a long history, often as a means of scientific documentation with extreme anatomical accuracy, hence the realism and minute detail of much beautiful wildlife art of the past and present day. Such mastery of technique and skill often seeks not only to inform the viewer but to delight the eye.

However, wildlife and animal art today has burgeoned and now encompasses many more exciting sub-genres.

We are unique in that, from our very beginnings, we have positively welcomed and encouraged not only the depiction of the essential qualities of our animal subjects, but originality of approaches and individual styles. Expressive, painterly works are very much welcomed alongside the perennially popular, traditional forms of detailed animal art. We want artists who are inspired and have something to say!

And we at AAA do have something to say. We also want to look beyond the artwork and see what our art can do – it truly is art with a purpose. AAA exhibitions openly support our animal welfare and wildlife conservation charity partners by giving charitable donations, but we do so much more. AAA members also have a valuable role in not only supporting these charities, but in giving voice to the issues they promote, raising public awareness and helping us to celebrate and also preserve the animal kingdom that inspires our art – and that really is special.”

Julie Cross – former Chair

The Association of Animal Artists offers its members various benefits including exhibition opportunities, workshops, field trips, ‘AAA Art Fair’ days, an ‘AAA plein air group’ and the annual “AAA Charity Dinner”. The ethos of AAA is that all the artists are encouraged to create and exhibit artwork of absolutely any animal; in the air, on the land or in water, in any medium and style. Artists are positively encouraged to explore and enjoy their creativity which leads to varied and dynamic exhibitions.

In addition, AAA is committed to supporting its animal charity partners and actively works to promote them, including Lancashire Constabulary Retired Police Horse Benevolent Fund, World Horse Welfare, Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust (Martin Mere Wetland Centre) and the Pollyanna Pickering Foundation.

AAA is a member of the Fine Art Trade Guild, which offers a special discounted subsidiary rate to Association members who are professional or who are on their way to becoming artists full time. Further details can be found here.

If you would like to join the Association of Animal Artists, please visit our application page for further details.

"Wrens" by Julie Vernon.

"Wrens" by Julie Vernon.

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