Derrick Spence

Derrick is a retired art teacher who spent 32years in the profession, teaching 11 to 18 year olds all manner of artistic styles and media.Originally from the West Riding of Yorkshire, Derrick trained at Eaton Hall College of Education in North Nottinghamshire and it is in this area where he stayed and lives with his wife, Kathryn.

During the course of his teaching career Derrick did little art work for himself but concentrated on honing self taught skills in pencil, pastel and pen and ink work on pieces for family and friends as presents for birthdays or Christmas. The few pieces he did produce for himself or his wife tended to be either scenes from holidays or drawings of their cats over the years.

Since his retirement, Derrick has had more opportunity to produce a wide variety of pictures, many of which were animal drawings, as charity pieces for a selection of causes. He once offered the prize of a drawing of the winner at the local village pet show and ended up drawing a goldfish! Detailed pen and ink work is a trademark style of his, often then adding a water colour wash to the original or a photocopy. He prides himself on his attention to detail and always says that the client must be happy with his or her piece of work before they take ownership.

Much of Derrick’s work is based on photographs. He adores big cats, especially tigers, and is presently working on a series of pen and ink drawings of lions and tigers using photographs taken by a neighbour who went on an Indian tiger safari. Derrick has recently helped with the building of a small studio in his garden where he hopes to begin oil painting again to add to his repertoire of media. To contact Derrick simply email him on:-