Kateryna Bielikova

Kateryna is a self taught artist dealing initially with the anatomy and unique features of an animal before painting. She has always been passionate about animals since childhood which has stood her in good stead as she transfers those early observations into paintings. Having first hand close up experience with animals through her work at the Olympic Equestrian Centre, a youth biologist study group at Nikolaev Zoo, and then with the Zoological Engineering facility at the Nikolaev State Agrarian University where she worked on the Horse Breeding programme, it is no wonder that Kates paintings are alive as well as well studied!

Every painting is produced from the heart and her passion and energy allows her to be prolific, working in many mediums. Acrylic, pencils, ink, gouache and oil!

Kate is happy to discuss commission work and also regularly exhibits with the Association of Animals Artists in the UK, as well as having her work in private collections around the world!