Alicia Mottur

Doctor Dolittle was one of my childhood heroes, and I guess I’ve always dreamed I could talk to the animals.  I have a quotation on my website, translated from the novel “Perri, the Youth of a Squirrel” by Felix Salten, which beautifully sums up my feelings about our relationship with animals and nature:

How could they know the child yearned for reconciliation between man and animal, for restoration of the long-lost unity of man with Nature, for a bridge to span the gaping abyss?

The attempt always fails, the delicate link is torn asunder, and the trembling bridge collapses once more.

The abyss remains.

And all else is only a dream.


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I was fortunate to have grown up in some of the most beautiful wild places in the United States, where I could daily witness the magic of the seasons, the lives of wild creatures, and could feel the mysterious, intangible forces of the natural world.  It’s all this that I try to express in my work, whether it be drawing, painting or printmaking.  Now I live in Brussels, Belgium, but I still manage to go to the woods at least twice a week to catch up on the news from my wild friends…

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