Alison Stafford

Having spent a career in fashion I found myself exploring other creative avenues for my own pleasure. I took up painting seriously in around 2009 and began by painting portraits of people, dogs and horses. Surrounded by horses within rolling Cheshire countryside it seemed inevitable that they would become my subject of choice.

I quickly built a client base and take on commissions of horses and dogs, as well as painting rural scenes depicting horses and in action.

When not working on commissions, I love to experiment with all mediums and am not afraid to take risks – sometimes to the detriment of a piece of work that often ends up getting recycled as something entirely different.

I love the scope of Acrylics! They allow me to experiment with colour and texture, using them thinly in layers and glazes or impasto for texture.

I like to use oil for a more classical approach to portrait painting and use them in thin layers to create depth.

I am an active member of The Society of Equestrian Artists and am also the Chair of the AAA. I believe that you learn something new every day and getting involved with like minded people opens doors of opportunity and gives one a fresh perspective.

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