Ben Ark

Ben Ark is a Manchester-based British artist specialising in contemporary wildlife art and mixed media projects. His work is known for its patches of precisely detailed realism that flow seamlessly in to less defined washes of colour.

Ben did not study art formally after college so, as a largely self taught artist, he does not have preconceived ideas about what is or is not possible. He takes genuine pleasure in the experimental process, adapting and learning as he works.

Having grown up in an era transitioning from dark room technology to digital photography, he has gained experience working with both. He brings together a variety of artistic disciplines and mediums which include watercolour, acrylic, photography, line and wash, linocut, digital art, stencilling and collage.

Ben embraces technology as a tool to fulfil his visions of how a piece should look and will sometimes integrate digital imagery, traditional painting and various forms of mark making to create his multi-layered finished works.

Painting of a puffin on white background.
Painting of a butterfly.

Ben has exhibited at numerous shows both nationally and internationally and during his career, his creative work has been published electronically, in print and through on-site installations. His work is also held in private collections.

For information regarding the waiting list for new works, commissions and press enquiries please email: studio [at]

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Email: studio [at]