Emma Tuzzio

I live in East Sussex, UK and have a first class honours in Visual Communication from Northumbria University in 2003.

My subjects of choice are animal portraiture and British Wildlife, and I paint in Soft Pastels & Pastel Pencils.

Nature is my greatest muse, and as a huge animal lover I like to use my art to promote wildlife conservation by highlighting the beauty and wonder of our natural world. Pets have always brought me immense joy and comfort over the years so I love to capture the unique characters of our beloved fur family and immortalise them in pastel for years to come!

I have exhibited at the Association of Illustrators Group Exhibition at the Mall Galleries 2004.

My ambition is to build up a portfolio of British bee and butterfly pieces to highlight their tragic decline over the past decade in view of encouraging people to conserve them. 

You can see my work at: