Estelle Robinson

I have been a hobby artist for many years specialising in portraits and pastels. I studied art at Coventry Technical College for 2 years after leaving school followed by a year-long Foundation in Art & Design at Wolverhampton Polytechnic. I also worked at a printers in Coventry for 2 years training as a Graphic Designer followed by 12 months freelance. Finances, or lack of them, meant I needed to find a job with a regular income and that’s when I moved into Chemistry, working in technical roles and sales which is where I have been for many years until September 2015 when I left industry to focus on my artwork full time.

Over the years I have always completed commissions as a hobby for friends and family of their pets, children and especially horses. Through having a horse of my own I developed a wide network of equestrian contacts. I am also an animal lover and it was something I could fit in around my full-time job and family.

I am inspired by the animal world, a lifelong love of animals has meant a natural fascination with them, looking at ways to capture their many forms and varying textures. With portraiture it starts with the eye, if I get that right then everything else seems to follow. I love fur, from the gleam of a horses coat to the flowing hairs of a long haired dog. My hope is that the observer will want to reach out and stroke the subject.

In my most recent equestrian work I endeavour to give my subjects life, lifting them out of darkness by the cast of light rather than using an outline in a more traditional way. I use rich colours to illustrate form along with varying tones.

I now work as a freelance artist, accepting commissions and am available for opportunities with art societies and groups as a demonstrator or to hold pastel/portrait workshops.