John Hebb

I have drawn and painted all my remembered life attending Salford School of Art and Design for 4 years too many years ago to mention.

I work on a piece of art in whatever form virtually every day. My subjects are varied and dictated by my clients on commercial projects produced under ‘Traditional & Computer Art Services’.

When producing artwork as originals and prints be it drawing, painting, paper sculpture or photography my main passion is wildlife in general and big cats in particular. I like to show them in real life in all their detail, be it magnificent or threatening to their prey, but never cute. Big cats are not cute, they are majestic and kill to exist, on a daily basis if possible. They are loving to their pride members and their young but are also strict and demanding. I show them close up in detail and try to show their essence and character in true life.

I work in all mediums as the subject seems to dictate the medium. I find Pastel an ideal medium for portraying the big cats especially male lions with their wild but magnificent coats.

Black and white picture of zebra's in water.
Picture of a big cat roaring.

I visit the Masai Mara in Kenya regularly to re-acquaint myself with the intricate lives of these amazing creatures and the ecosystem in which they survive.

Birds, especially raptors are another passion. I love to show them again in real life and in detail.

Occasionally I deviate from my passion and produce landscapes and works of fantasy.

These are the passions that drive my artwork hopefully to inspire others.
Where there are thousands of wildlife photographs for artists.

John Hebb