Katherine Bielikova

I am a self taught artist learning of animals’ anatomy and features as well as painting in the techniques and works of different painters. I have always been driven to capture nature and animals. First I learnt in the Olympic Equestrian center and youth biologist study group at Nikolaev zoo and then on Zoological Engineering faculty at Nikolaev State Agrarian University (Horse Breeding). And finally I joined the administrative work in Nikolaev zoo. It is not a surprise that the animalistics has become as main genre and horses constitute the biggest share. That’s why her pictures my alive!

To paint with the soul she has to do it with your own heart and put into them all of her own. Kateryna is a magic in this sense. She just can not use any other approach as far as this is not her job and even not a favorite hobby. This is a part of her life and also is very important one. Thus, her own desire to create, her own inspiration she usually can find in the emotions, music and communication. In all that makes a person feel. That is why a great number of her pictures were created just within a night. New loop in her art had come off the birth of her daughter. Discovering a huge world for her child Kate reopened it for herself also. Thanks to a talent and inherent desire to reach the best result she master new genres relatively easy.

I use acrylics, pencils, inks, gouache (tempera) and oil and am always open to new experiences and opportunities.

I take orders and likes to paint animals that capture a characters.

I have a great number of diplomas and certificates for painting / artistic skills and illustrated a number of magazines, journals and books with pictures. My life as a painter is described in article about artistic Ukrainians in national journal.

I have participated in numerous exhibitions in different museums, galleries and art halls round the Ukraine and also arranged a few personal art exhibitions.

I have many paintings in private collections in many cities of Ukraine, the United States, England, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Latvia, Norway, Palestine, Poland, Russia and France.