Leanne Beetham

Leanne “LippyArt” Beetham

Kingston Upon Hull, East Riding Of Yorkshire, England

• Self-taught.
• Artist collaborations with: David Shepherd / Joe “Moemario” Martin / Steve Waller.
• BSc (Hons) Applied Animal Behaviour & Training (Bishop Burton College)
• A-Level Art (Wilberforce College)
• AS Photography (Wilberforce College)
• AS Graphic Design (Wilberforce College)
• CLL UFA Children’s Book Illustration (University Of Hull)
• Currently studying Diplomas in: Art Therapy, Public Speaking, Zoology (Centre Of Excellence)

Wildlife / Nature

Digital / Graphite / Watercolour / Hybrid / Ink / Coloured Pencil

Everything around us has the potential to inspire. I find life, nature, and the sciences to be massively inspirational – our planet truly amazes me! I often enjoy photography (using adapted equipment), which helps me gain reference material for my pieces. I especially love the things most pass by without a second thought – the striking iridescence of a crow, a crooked old tree battered by the elements, how light reflects in water… The list goes on!


I am currently working on a huge long-term project called “Fur, Feathers, & Wild Endeavours: Africa”, in which my goal is to travel to Africa to photograph and paint the local wildlife. The project aims to raise awareness on the importance of wildlife conservation, and also raise awareness for disability (with emphasis to ability) – specifically, documenting what it’s like to travel across the wilds of Africa as a disabled individual. So far, this has been an interesting challenge in itself to organise. I have lost count of how many times I was told that this would be “impossible” because of my disability, before finding the correct travel company to work with. Presently, my only hurdle right now is acquiring the necessary funding to make this project a success (see website for further details).

• “Highly Commended Artist” (Kustom Kulture Blast-Off, 2012)
• “Jane Tomlinson Award” (Yorkshire Women Of Achievement, 2008)
• “Triumph Over Adversity” (Champion Children Awards, 2004)
• “No Limits Millennium Award” (Millennium Commission / National Lottery / WhizzKidz, 2002)

Up-and-coming exhibitions can be found in the “Events” section of my website.

Notable past exhibitions include:
• Royal College Of Art, London
• Christie’s Auction House, London
• Women Of The World Festival, Kingston Upon Hull • Kustom Kulture Blast-Off, Lincolnshire
• International Tattoo Convention, York


  • Commissions are available (see website).
  • I am willing to attend a variety of events – zoos, fundraisers, galleries, festivals, educational, etc – to
    exhibit, speak, and perform live mouth painting / drawing demonstrations, etc, as requested. Both myself and my staff have clean CRB / DBS checks, relevant vaccines (for work with vulnerable people and animals), and insurance.

You can also follow @LippyArt across social media.


Leanne “LippyArt” Beetham was born in 1987, with a condition known as Arthrogyrposis Multiplex Congenita. This condition meant she would never be able to use her arms or walk. Consequently, Leanne has adapted to using her mouth to do most daily tasks, including creating artworks, which she has been doing since the age of three. Since childhood, Leanne has had an affinity for animals, and her two passions have naturally combined.


In 2004, Leanne became a student artist for the Association Of Mouth & Foot Painting Artists (MFPA); a wholly owned organisation run by artists with disabilities, for the benefit of artists with disabilities. All of the artists create artworks using their mouth, feet, or a combination of the two! Leanne is a mouth artist, and endeavours to be promoted to full member artist one-day.

In 2005/06, Leanne pursued a course in Photography, and was consequently introduced to the charity REMAP. They have – and continue to – adapt Leanne’s equipment to enable her to use it via a combination of her mouth, and the very limited movement of her hands. Photography enables Leanne to gain inspiration for her artworks; it has become an invaluable reference source, whilst also being a creative medium in itself.

In June 2009, Leanne became the first with a severe physical disability to graduate in BSc (Hons) Applied Animal Behaviour & Training, at Bishop Burton College. This course has enabled her to understand her favourite subjects – animals – in further detail. Though she has had a passion for both animals and art since childhood, the course has had a significant influence on the ways Leanne views and understands the animals she paints and photographs. Through her new understanding, she is able to capture those small details which make each of her animal subjects unique.

In 2019, Leanne wanted to expand her horizons both professionally and creatively. In March, she officially became a member of the Association Of Animal Artists, and by October of that same year, she also joined the team for The Sumatra Camera Trap Project – she is excited to get involved with both group’s future exhibitions and projects.

Leanne endeavours to break stereotypes, challenge perceptions, push boundaries, and inspire others to create – no matter what their abilities. She aims to use her art, photography, and live demonstrations to educate the world on the importance of both wildlife conservation and disability awareness (with emphasis to *ability*).

Leanne is always looking to collaborate. She has worked with such artists as David Shepherd, Moemario, and Steve Waller, as well as attending various events; from demonstrations at local schools, to zoological parks, and large charity exhibitions in London. To find out more, visit: www.lippyart.co.uk