Liselle Fae Jackson

Liselle-Fae is a wildlife conservation artist who produces vibrant, contemporary watercolour portraits of animals. Taking inspiration from her experience working in animal welfare and conservation, she strives to create paintings that capture the enigmatic spirit of wildlife. Not only this, but she hopes to inject others with the awe and enthusiasm she has for animals, and raise awareness of species which are endangered or misunderstood

Though she never pursued a formal education in art, and is completely self-taught, art has always been an important aspect of her life; she would always carry her sketchbook, paints and pencils around with her. In2012, she decided to move to Cornwall to study for a zoology-based degree in Animal Behaviour with the University of Exeter. While there, her passion for wildlife conservation – particularly relating to wild cats – flourished. She has worked in animal care, conservation research, education, and public outreach. Several years ago, she decided to offer commission-based services to friends and family, to raise some extra funds for my studies. She hasn’t looked back, and now works part-time as a wildlife conservation and pet portrait artist.

To view more of Liselle’s work, or contact her regarding commissions of pets or wildlife, then visit the links below.