Liselle-Fae Jackson

Liselle Fae is a self-taught animal artist from south Lincolnshire who produces vibrant, contemporary watercolour portraits. Through her detailed perception of colour, and experience within the conservation sector, Liselle strives to create paintings that capture the unique and powerful beauty of wildlife. Not only this but Liselle hopes to inject others with the awe and enthusiasm she has for animals by sharing her work, and showing others how she sees the natural world.

Though she is new to the professional art scene, she is already making waves with her highly expressive style as an animal portrait artist for hire. Her clients include pet owners, zookeepers, and wildlife organisations. Armed with an intense passion for & knowledge of feline behaviour and conservation, she especially enjoys painting cats of all kinds – from tigers through to domestics. Fans describe her feline portraits as her most “powerful” and “beautiful” paintings.

Liselle is constantly working to expand her portfolio of both wildlife and pets; she is currently looking for venues to exhibit and sell her artwork. In May 2018, she will start teaching beginners watercolour classes at Pearl & Ruby in Spalding. Alongside all this, she is also doing her masters degree in Zoo Conservation Biology. In the future she would love to be widely recognised as a conservation artist, being able to support animal conservation & rescue organisations through her artwork.

To view more of Liselle’s work, or contact her regarding commissions of pets or wildlife, then visit the links below.