Marianne Schipper

Born from Dutch parentage in Southern Rhodesia ( now Zimbabwe ) and spent her childhood days in Africa until 13 years of age when her parents took her to England. She has lived most of her life in the UK .

Marianne’s love of art showed from an early age and she subsequently studied at the Mid Cheshire School of Art & Design in Cheshire for 4 years. Her last 3 years of study were dedicated to interior design. This was viewed to be more vocational but her passion always remained with fine art.

The first year exploring basic art and design was a course to help young students by giving them a general taste of the many different avenues one could choose from in this field, ie : fabric design, printing, photography, ceramics, life drawing, graphic art and design, art history and appreciation, etc. As there was no time actually given to teaching how to paint and techniques of painting in this year, she has since taught herself by experimenting with different mediums such as watercolours, acrylic, inks and oils.

We have been blessed with this beautiful planet and the wonderful natural life on it. As my life will not be long enough to appreciate all it has to offer us, I can only try to capture ‘moments’. Perhaps that’s what makes me a ‘realist’ ! Whilst I admire the abstract works of many talented contemporary artists, it seems I always come back to the wonders around me that I see through my own eyes.

Currently Marianne enjoys her love of art, a fascination of animals and people’s faces, which inspire her to paint her portraits.

Currently accepting commissions.