Martin Buffery

Martin Buffery has been involved in the world of art and design since school and currently is a chief designer for land rover.

His love of the natural world has been life long and he feels very lucky to have been able to observe wildlife all around the world including Africa, USA and Borneo which continues to inspire his art. Much of his artwork is an attempt to depict the natural beauty of the animal, but Martin also enjoys showing some tension, or an “edge” to his pictures providing a narrative or an unexpected mood. Martin enjoys creating pictures of wildlife in a variety of mediums, especially pencil and watercolor.

Martin regularly exhibits his artwork nationally with the Guild of Motoring Artists, Guild of Aviation Artists and the National Exhibition of Wildlife Art.


WINNER – 2015 Safari Artist of the Year Wildlife in Color & Wildlife in Monochrome awards

WINNER – David Shepherd Choice Award 2014

WINNER – BBC Wildlife Artist of the Year (Black & White Nature Category) 2013 & 2011

Highly Commended – David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year 2012 & 2015

Runner Up – Amateur category Wildscape Wildlife Artist of the Year 2011


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