Pam Rundle

I’ve always had a love of the countryside and a passion for animals. I’m very keen on Conservation and Animal Welfare issues. I donate an amount from each sculpture I sell, to a number of selected Animal Treatment, Animal Rescue and Conservation societies.

I’ve worked in some form of Art since I was 15 – starting in watercolour painting, but finally discovering the joy of sculpture. After trying various methods and materials, I settled with ceramic sculpture as my preferred form. The unique hand-built sculptures are made using thin slabs and small pieces of clay and built up over a newspaper base like a puzzle or mosaic. The resulting fragility is integral to both the concept and aesthetic. I sometimes Raku fire the sculptures – as I find this give a richness and individuality to each hand made piece.

Photo of elephant sculpture
photo of sculpture of hares

The stylistic and constructional considerations are secondary to portraying the subject as honestly as I can. I seek to portray that sense of awareness that is present in all living things. I like to think that every one of my sculptures has some of the soul of the animal within it. I feel that an individual creature may experience some ‘otherness’ or spiritual dimension beyond our understanding of its instinctive animal behaviours and I try to express this in my sculptures. it is important to me that they are sculpted with sensitivity and empathy, inviting the viewer to relate and reflect. Much of my work is by commission and I have sold sculptures as far afield as Holland, Germany, America and Hawaii.