Peter Drought

Born in 1980, Peter comes from an artistic family on his father’s side. Having studied art at school, he read law at the University of Liverpool, before going on to work in the accountancy sector for several years, culminating in a position at the audit firm Grant Thornton. After this he underwent a career change to follow his original roots, moving into the world of fine art and photography.

He has worked on a variety of fine art subjects including still life and landscapes, but over the years has developed extensive expertise in producing portraits of animals. An experienced horseman in his own right, his first animal portrait was of a well loved old pony known as Churchill, as a Christmas present for a friend. From that point onwards he started to develop a local reputation for being able to create life like pictures that also captured the character and personality of the individual subject.

Producing pictures not only of horses, but also other animals including cats, dogs and birds, Peter works from a mixture of life sketches and photography. He works with many different types of media, but has developed extensive experience of work in coloured pencil. Using careful layering techniques, he gradually builds up each picture colour on top of colour, to give a realistic impression of the subject’s coat. These pictures are created on textured heavy weight papers, which in turn allow for a large range of tone to be used to show the subject’s shape and form through the contrast of light and shadow.

In addition to his fine art work, Peter is an award winning photographer specializing in commercial photography, architecture, public relations, fine art photography and weddings. He has had recent acclaim for his black and white landscape work which examines the form and light on the land in the winter months when foliage is sparse and the weather more unforgiving.

Peter exhibits periodically with the Association of Animal Artists and other exhibitions across the North West, and occasionally further afield. He also undertakes bespoke commissions for pet and animal portraits on a regular basis and is a member of the Fine Art Trade Guild. He also holds the position of treasurer for the North West Branch of the Fine Art Trade Guild.