Urvashi Patel

Dreamlike watercolour art by Urvashi Patel

Urvashi spent her childhood nourishing her passion of art by participating in various workshops at schools, participated in school art competitions as well as by self teaching approach. Pursuing art education with London art college and taking various workshops she has developed her artistic style.
Love for animals inspired her to select it as her subject matter. She also loves to paint landscapes,buildings and people.

Inspired by contemporary style of various artist she gave her work vibrant characteristics which shows the expressive techniques like splattering, wet on wet in her paintings.

She keeps experimenting with different media, surface and styles as she believe learning never ends.

Twitter: @Urvashi0525

Website: www.urvashipatelart.co.uk

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/UrvashiPatelArt/