Wim Romijn

Wim Romijn works as an illustrator and animal painter in Holland. While he enjoys international recognition as a horse painter, he is increasingly becoming known for his paintings of animals in general. He specialises in painting horses, farm animals, dogs and wildlife.

Greeting and Christmas cards; calendars, posters, embroidery patterns, tray’s, portfolios and giclees have been made from his work.

In the print books ‘Het Werkpaard’ (The Working Horse 1990), the bestseller ‘Het Boerenpaard’ (The Farmers Horse 1995), ‘Paardenzot’ (Horse Mad 1999), ‘Van Ploegpaard tot Polopony’ (From Plough Horse to Polo Pony 2003), the four part series ‘Landelijke Idylle’ (Rural Idyll 2004) and ‘Boerenlanders’ (Rural Residents 2011) Wim Romijn paints and describes the rural life of yesteryear. His work has been exhibited in nine museums.

On Wim’s site you also will find a collection of art cards that show an authentic reproduction of his work.