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Association of Animal Artists Spring Exhibition at Castle Park Arts Centre

Exhibitions by ‘The Association of Animal Artists’ are essential viewing for all those with a love of the animal kingdom and the art that celebrates it.  AAA artists are unique in that they create work of all animals (not just wildlife), whether in the air, on land or in water, in any medium or style, and they are positively encouraged to explore and enjoy their creativity.

This leads to varied, dynamic and stimulating, yet sensitive, exhibitions full of outstanding examples of animal art from both award-winning professionals to talented amateur artists with an abiding passion for art and for animals of all kinds.

Our celebration of the natural world will hopefully encourage visitors to SEE, and not just to look, and also offers the chance to purchase beautiful examples of this important contemporary art form whilst raising funds for AAA conservation and animal charity partners – a truly satisfying experience on both an artistic and emotional level.’

Dr Julie Cross, Member and former Chairperson



CPAC 2019 Entry Form


Castle Park Arts Centre, Frodsham, Cheshire
ENTRIES OPEN – 18th October 2019
ENTRIES CLOSE – Midnight 3rd March 2019
DELIVERY OF ARTWORK – Sunday 31st March 11-3pm
HANGING EXHIBITION – Monday 1st April and Tuesday 2nd April 9-5pm
PREVIEW – Saturday 6th April 2019 5.30-7.30pm
EXHIBITION OPENS – Friday 5th April 2019

EXHIBITION CLOSES – Saturday 11th May 2019 4pm
COLLECTION OF UNSOLD ARTWORK – Sunday 12th May 2019 from 11-2pm

If any members would like to hold a workshop at Castle Park during the exhibition please get in touch and we can see what rooms are available to hire.


Additional Information

Members are reminded to check the terms and conditions for any exhibitions they decide to enter. These vary slightly from exhibition to exhibition and will be referred to in more detail on each exhibition page. With regard to general guidance, the trustees would like to invite potential exhibitors to review the Rules and Procedures section for rules regarding copyright.

Pricing of Work

With regard to this sometimes difficult and thorny issue, the trustees are happy to recommend “The Artist’s Guide to Selling Work” by Annabelle Ruston.

“The Artist’s Guide to Selling Work tells artists everything they need to know in order to earn a living from their work. There’s information on copyright, choosing a fine art printer, working with galleries, selling licenses to card companies and exhibiting at art fairs.

Pricing artwork can be difficult; you need to take a long hard look at where you are in your career, and your prices should reflect this. You must be able to justify your prices; if they are high, you must be able to give a plausible explanation. Under-pricing work is a danger too. Artists need to assess their overheads and how much it costs them to produce an artwork. If you aren’t earning enough to live, then you can’t progress as a professional artist. If people won’t pay reasonable prices, the answer may lie in a change of aesthetic direction rather than lowering your prices to an unrealistic level.

The Artist’s Guide to Selling Work includes valuable information on pricing originals, prints and licences.” – Annabelle Ruston

“The Artist’s Guide to Selling Work” is available from the Fine Art Trade Guild, and other book shops.


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