Discounted Fine Art Trade Guild Membership

In order to secure its professional reputation, and to ensure it conducts itself in line with best industry practice, the Association of Animal Artists is a member of the Fine Art Trade Guild. The Guild is a professional organisation that promotes various groups within the artistic industries including artists, framers, conservators and printers, and works extensively to ensure the highest professional standards and credibility. Membership of this well known and prestigious organisation enables the trustees to promote the Association and obtain support, legal advice and information about the world of fine art.

Fully paid members of the AAA are eligible to apply for individual membership of the Fine Art Trade Guild at a discounted rate. Membership offers a range of benefits including free legal advice, discounted credit card processing facilities, technical guidance and advertising to name but a few.

Further details on how to apply, including the special membership rate for AAA members, are available from the trustees upon request. Membership of the Guild is subject to the receipt of appropriate trade references.

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