Life drawing/reference gathering

Originally conceived as an opportunity for artists to work from life, En Plein Air days have evolved into a mixture of photographic reference gathering and life painting/drawing for those who feel confident enough to try. Our emphasis is on encouraging people to explore their creativity through trying something new. The opportunity to work from life can add a whole new dimension and style to an artist’s work, enabling them to gain a more intimate understanding of a subject, and from this, the ability to bring it to life through art.

En Plein Air days are typically arranged in conjunction with an animal-related organisation or charity. The Association of Animal Artists makes arrangements for attendees to have close access to the animals, usually for a period of a few hours. This gives artists the opportunity to view animals at much closer proximity than the general public, with a handler present where necessary.

So, whether you are a seasoned artist looking for fresh source material, or someone looking to try something new in a pressure-free environment, an En Plein Air event offers an ideal opportunity to develop your skills and build your reference portfolio.

If an En Plein Air event is relatively short in duration, the AAA generally will combine it with a more sales-orientated “Art Fair” day to allow artists the opportunity to sell their work and talk to the public. Recent events have included visits to Yorkshire Wildlife Park near Doncaster and the Thoroughbred Rehabilitation Centre in Lancashire. Members will be notified by email when events are arranged, so they can register their interest.
Open to members only.

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