Nicola Cook

I live in York, UK and am a self-taught artist. I have been drawing since childhood and it remains an important aspect of my life.

I predominantly paint horses, ponies, donkeys and foals, but I enjoy all forms of animal portraiture.

My medium of choice has varied over the years, but is now predominantly pastel and pastel pencil, as I admire the tactile nature of pastel, and the detail that I can achieve with pastel pencil. I also like the vibrancy of acrylic painting, and occasionally the use of other mixed media.

I am inspired by a love of all animals, but particularly equines. I have spent many years doing voluntary work with animals, and I spend time with my own animals every day. It was a very natural progression for me to merge my love of animals with my love of art. In my artwork, I try to bring a sense of character and individuality to each animal, sometimes changing light, colour and style in order to do this.

My artistic ambitions are to continually improve, in my own opinion and in the opinion of others. I would like to think that as this happens, my work will be seen by a wider, and larger audience.