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Rules and Procedures

All members are responsible for the copyright of their own work. The subject of any artwork submitted to an Association exhibition or to the website, must be either from the artists own source material or obtained from a legitimate source. In the event of a dispute, the trustees will refer all correspondence directly to the artist following the removal of the said work from the exhibition or website. The Association of Animal Artists accepts no responsibility for the copyright of any work submitted into an Association exhibition by any member.

Trustees will not enter into any discussion with members as to whether images are copyright-free or not. Responsibility for copyright and permissions lies solely with the artist, who must be aware of the consequences of their actions.

However, Trustees reserve the right to request verification of source material and relevant permissions must be available in writing for all material gained from third parties.

Complaints Procedure

Any complaint must be made in writing, and sent to the secretary of the AAA as early as possible. All complaints will be treated very seriously and passed on to the Trustees for discussion. The decision of the Trustees is final.

secretary [at] associationofanimalartists.com

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