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Sofie Van Daele

I am a wildlife painter from Belgium. I have always been passionate about drawing and painting but 12 years ago I was bitten by a tick and was contaminated with  borrelia. I was diagnosed with Lyme/fibromyalgia. I had to quit my job as a bank consultant. A few years later I began to paint again in my ‘better’ Moments. I really found therapy in painting! I am autodidactive. I only took 10 lessons of photorealistic painting because taking lessons are still too hard for me. I paint in oil on linen canvas. I am fascinated and captivated by the beauty of nature and its Wildlife. In my work I try to reflect the character of each animal.
My first ambition is to inspire people too never give up and seek for solutions to feel better and art is indeed very good therapy! My second ambition is to try to sell my work as it could give me an extra income if only to compensate my costs to paint.


My website is www.sofievandaele.com. I will soon put English text on it!


I work also on commission.